New problem on old OS

Hay guys

So I have this old desktop running XP home I use for local stuff for now and it’s had a problem for a while in that when I log in not all the tray services get a tray icon. Most noticeably the sound icon. If I log off and back on it usually starts up and I just worked around it by including the audio control panel in the start up so that I can force it if it isn’t there. However recently I installed a little program called Savernow and it wont show in the tray the first time either. Unfortunately all of the programs options are accessed from the tray so it’s a bigger problem than the sound.

Anyway not a massive issue but I can’t find anything about the issue that has helped so I just thought I’d throw it among the long time XP users/fixers in case anyone had fixed the like before.

Cheers in advance.. 😎

=KVC= Psycohal


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