COD4 screen shots vol 1…The death of =IBF2=Buddy

Back in the COD4 days, some might remember, I had a forum signature which reflected my totaly awesome skill with one of my weapons of choice 🙂 .

I have recently re-discovered the screenshot library I used to construct that signature and I thought it would be some kind of nostalgic to post the shots here. There are quite a few shots (because as some of you may appreciate so many many players died at my hands with this weapon LOL) so I have chosen to break it up by player name.

Therefore in no particular order here is Gallery No 1 entitled the death of =IBF2=Buddy…


BTW any terraknorr references are because he is a haxing prix… 🙂

More to follow

=KVC= Psycohal


I've been chopping veggies with the grim reaper since 1942.

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